‘Notes’ series, 2019

This series focuses on depicting and sharing the story and suicide notes of Mark Barber, of which can be found in their entirety here. Barber took his life upon learning that his benefits would be cut by £20 a week. The works seek to show Barber’s story in a sensitive and well-informed way, of which the origins stem from my own background as a working-class person, and upbringing as a child of a family in recipient of benefits for a number of years. The works remain personal to myself and my roots, of which I feel comfortable enough is my place to comment on.

This series was shown alongside the ‘Headlines’ series at the Chelsea College of Arts Fine Art Undergraduate Degree Show 2019.

‘I am officially begging you.’ 2019. Synthetic and natural wool on hessian. Dimensions: 95x90cm

‘On same money.’ 2019. Synthetic wool on hessian. Dimensions: 80x85cm

‘Just £20 a week.’ 2019. Synthetic wool on hessian. Dimensions: 90x90cm